Patrick Kuesters

Cyber Teacher

Staff Bios

Mr. Kuesters has been with Edison Academy since 2007 where he started teaching Network Administration. Since then he has added the Oracle, A+ and Cyber Security Capstone curricula to his responsibility. He currently holds a bachelor’s degree in Business and an MBA from University of Phoenix, and a Masters of Education from University of Virginia; soon to start another Masters of IT at George Mason. In addition to his daytime responsibility Mr. Kuesters also teaches for FCPS Adult Education (ACE). Mr. Kuesters has held many different positions at several different companies thus, giving him a wide array of knowledge and experience in finance, business, retail, computers and education. In his career he has worked for several large corporations such as: Nordstrom, Verizon, AARP, Fannie Mae, ASIS, University of Phoenix and even NAVSEA.