Cyber: Network Administration

Course Info

FCPS Grade Level and Course Credit information is found at the links to the left. The Virginia Department of Education Curriculum may be found using the links to the right. 

Course Description

Level I Course Description

Cyber Network Administration teaches the Cybersecurity Software Operations VDOE Curriculum which is designed to teach many aspects of computer support and network administration. Students learn networking concepts, from usage to components, and create peer-to-peer network systems and client server networks. Students learn how to install and configure network cards and connect them to networks; to install the operating systems; to create, set up, and manage accounts; to load software; and to establish, implement, and maintain network integrity security plans. This course may cover software-based network operating systems, such as Windows Server or Linux, to prepare students with a foundation in computer network administration. 

Level II Course Description

Cyber Network Administration teaches the Cybersecurity Software Operations Advanced VDOE Curriculum designed to teach all aspects of the server environment, focusing on the management and support of network users and systems. The topics covered include understanding the responsibilities of computer professionals, training end users, evaluating new technology, developing system policies, troubleshooting workstations, managing network services and protocols, and effectively using email and business communications. Students learn communication protocols, troubleshooting techniques for systems and client-server networks, website management, and other advanced networking topics. Techniques that are used to install operating systems, set up and manage accounts, load software, and create and implement security plans are taught. This course may provide instruction about software-based network operating systems, such as Windows Server or Linux. Instruction will emphasize preparation for industry certification.

Class Features

  • Microsoft Windows 10 
  • Microsoft Windows 2016 Server
  • Microsoft Windows 2019 Server
  • Microsoft Windows Azure Cloud Environment
  • Microsoft Windows Active Directory
  • Microsoft Windows Network Infrastructure

Professional Certification Opportunities

  • CompTIA Network+ -  Level 1
  • CompTIA Linux+ Certification - Level 2
  • Testout Network Pro Certification - Level 1
  • Testout Linux Pro Certification - Level 2
  • Microsoft MTA Certifications
  • Microsoft Office Specialist MOS

Potential Career Opportunities

  • Help Desk Specialist
  • Network Administrator
  • Network Engineer
  • Domain Architect
  • Cabling Specialist
  • LAN Manager
  • Information Technology Specialist or Assistant

Cyber teacher, Mr. Kuesters, shares information about the courses in the Cyber: IT program

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