Secret Service Visits Criminal Justice 2021

June 02, 2021

Secret Service Guests Visit in Criminal Justice Classes

Three United States Secret Service guests recently visited with in-person and virtual students in the Criminal Justice program to share knowledge and information about their work and careers. Two Secret Service uniformed officers and 1 Secret Service agent visited over the course of two days to see all Criminal Justice students to share information about the Secret Service's mission, the variety of education or experience requirements for career pathways and jobs in the Secret Service, where to find Secret Service and other U.S. government employment opportunities, what kind of training is required, what kind of experiences are important for applicants, and other great tips to consider for becoming a great applicant for Secret Service opportunities.  

Students were advised to take part in unpaid experiences and internships and even high school activities that involve teamwork and collaboration, taking on responsibilities and leadership roles, and developing excellent communication skills.  They learned that the Secret Service operates 150 offices in the U.S. and overseas but that the majority of jobs with the Secret Service are in Washington, D.C.  Career options include White House police force, emergency response teams, sniper team, canine unit, magnetometer operations, protection of embassies, financial infrastructure protection, information technology, clerical and administrative opportunities, and other work within the Secret Service. 

Students were encouraged to check out the Secret Service website to learn more. 


Secret Service guests