Visit Edison Academy Spring 2022

For Prospective Students Grades 9-11 for the 2022-23 School Year

Prospective Students may visit Edison Academy in-person this Spring Between February 1 - March 3, 2022

Details for both Feeder Schools Students and Edison High School Students are provided below. 

Visits for Feeder Schools Students

(For students who attend high schools OTHER than Edison High School)

  • Student visits for our feeder schools will be held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays during our AM and Midday blocks.
  • Visits can only be scheduled through your school counselor and must be scheduled at least one week in advance.
  • See your school counselor ASAP to get your academy visit scheduled. Your counselor is the only person who can schedule your visit. 
  • Feeder school students must have a completed and signed Student Visitor Pass that they MUST bring with them on the day of their scheduled visit.
  • All feeder school student visitors are required to ride over on the Academy shuttle from their base/feeder school. Students will need to show the Student Visitor Pass to the bus driver.
  • An Edison Academy staff member will greet you at the entrance when you arrive for your visit.
  • Please click on the name of your school, below, to print the student visitor form for your school, or get one from your school counselor. Your counselor must complete this form with you. It also requires your parent/guardian signature. This is the form you bring with you to ride the shuttle bus and to show when you arrive on our campus. 
  • Don't see your school? Have your counselor contact the Edison Academy Counselor

Visits for Edison HS Students

  • Edison High School student visits only occur during Eagle Time between 10:19 and 11:14 when our Academy classes are in session. 
  • We will only schedule these visits on the following dates:  
    • Tuesday, February 1
    • Thursday, February 3
    • Tuesday, February 15
    • Thursday, February 17
    • Tuesday, February 22
    • Thursday, February 24
    • Wednesday, March 2 
  • We will do our best to honor specific visit requests but may not be able to schedule every student due to spacing requirements.  If you request a visit and we cannot schedule you, please plan to attend an Academy Open House. 
  • Please use this link to the form to request an Eagle Time visit. Remember to log into your account to access the link and the form. 
  • You must submit your visit request by 2:00 pm on Thursday, January 20, 2022.  The form will stop collecting responses after 2:00pm on January 20th.
  • We will not be able to reschedule missed Eagle Time visits so plan accordingly. Note: If your teacher has requested you for mediation during your scheduled Academy Eagle Time visit, you must attend your remediation session with your teacher (that takes priority).  
  • You will receive an email on your account informing you of the date you've been scheduled for your Eagle Time visit.  Your advisor will also be notified.  The email communication will be sent after January 20, 2022.

Please contact Cassandra Deedy, the Edison Academy Counselor, if you have any additional questions.  Thank you!

Additional Information about Student Visits 

  • Academy visits are only available for current 9th -11th grade students. If you are in the 7th or 8th grade, we invite you to attend a future Open House event with your parents.  
  • Veterinary Science class visits should only be scheduled on Wednesdays and Thursdays.
  • Visits are not available for our Teachers for Tomorrow program.  Interested students should plan to attend an annual Open House event, usually held on a Saturday in January or February each year.