Attendance Policy

 * IMPORTANT: When you attend Edison Academy, you are a student at two schools. This means you must report attendance to both your base school and Edison Academy. If you check out, you must check out from both schools.

Edison Academy Attendance Policy for Students

Attendance e-mail to report an absence or call

Edison Academy Office Attendance 24 Hour Phone Line: 703-924-8137

Fax Number: 703-924-8197


Students are expected to attend all classes and to arrive on time for each class. Academy students and parent/guardians are expected to comply with these FCPS attendance policies at the Academy just as they do at their base school.

II. EXCUSED ABSENCES, JUSTIFIABLE ABSENCE (VA Board of Ed, Code of VA, state statute)

Student illness, death in the family, medical appointment, dental appointment, religious obligations, reason acceptable to the principal Testing at base school, per-arranged absence, approved field trip

III. UNEXCUSED ABSENCES (as established by the FCPS School Board)

Cutting class    Weather conditions    Babysitting siblings Missing the bus    Late ride    Traffic Car problems    Over-sleeping    Disapproved per-arranged absence *Per Page 9 of the FCPS Students Responsibilities and Rights Handbook, when students have an unexcused absence, “Teachers may assist the student and parent or guardian in identifying missed work, but are not obligated to provide make-up assignments.”

IV. SHUTTLE BUS STUDENTS If a student misses the shuttle bus coming to the Academy,

a. The student must report to the base school attendance office, sub school or counselor. Base school personnel should notify the Academy Office that the student has missed the bus. b. The student must report to the Academy Office the next time he/she attends the Academy. c. Students who miss the returning shuttle should notify the Academy Office and the base school attendance office. The student will return to his/her base school on the next shuttle. d. If a student misses the bus more than one time, he/she must report to both the Academy Office and Academy Administration.


a. Absence must be reported to both Edison Academy and the student’s base school. b. Parent/Guardian should call the Edison Academy Attendance Office at 703-924-8100 prior to or on the day of the student’s absence. c. Parent/Guardian may leave a message on the answering machine which includes the following: Date and time of call Students first & last name (spell) Reason for the absence Parent/guardian’s name (spell) Relationship to student Daytime phone or cell phone number


a. If parent/guardian has not notified the Edison Academy Attendance Office on the day of the absence, a note or fax must be sent to the Academy Office within 48 hours of the student’s return to class. b. Notes or faxes should include:

Date of absence(s)  Student’s first and last name Reason for the absence Parent/guardian name and relationship Daytime phone or cell phone number Parent/Guardian signature


Edison Academy will generate a daily call to the Parents / Guardians of absent students who have not reported excused. Parents/Guardians need to notify the Academy Office when phone numbers change.


a. When a student is late for class, the student will be marked tardy b. Teachers are the primary contact and facilitator of intervention when students are tardy to class. Teachers will use a variety of strategies (to include parent contact and possible administrative referral) to ensure students are on time to class and prepared to begin the daily lesson. c. The Academy Administrator or Base School Administrator may assign consequences including, but not limited to, and attendance contract, detention or other disciplinary action.

IX. Continued Attendance Issues May Result in Withdrawal from the Edison Academy.

References: FCPS Policies and Procedures P2601.23P and 2234 which govern attendance