Attendance is Required During Virtual and In-Person Learning School Year 2020-2021 

(This is a change from Distance Learning during the Spring of 2020)  

During Virtual Learning Return to School - Fall 2020  

  • Tuesdays - Fridays: Students are reported present by their teachers Tuesday -Friday in their synchronous (live) academy classes when they log in and attend class.
  • Mondays: Students are to follow their base high school instructions for check-ins for asynchronous Monday advisory and intervention sessions in order to be counted present on Mondays.  
  • FCPS takes a multi-tiered approach to supporting students and families during the pandemic. Absences related to technology issues, family support for younger siblings, and required quarantine for confirmed cases of illness/exposure to COVID 19 (SAR CoV-2) will be considered and excused if they are reported. 
  • See absence reporting instructions below. 

Reporting Edison Academy Absences 

Absences must be reported to BOTH the student's base high school and to Edison Academy. Please email or call within 24 hours of the absence in order to insure accurate attendance for your student. 

Please use the Attendance e-mail to report an absence (preferred) or call the Edison Academy Office Attendance 24 Hour Phone Line to report an absence. 703-924-8137

Email and Telephone Messages must include the following information: 

  • Student School ID Number (very important) 
  • Student first name and last name
  • Reason for absence 
  • Parent/Guardian name
  • Relationship to student
  • Daytime telephone or mobile (cell) phone number

E-Notify Calls go out each evening to the home telephone number to make parents aware of unverified and unexcused absences. 

Attendance is important to a student's overall success in school.

Infographic picture showing excessive absences impact on likelihood of graduation.