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Detailed information about all Work Based Learning opportunities may be found at this link.  Students must be logged into their account to access the link. 

Course Description 

This course must be paired with an occupation related CTE content course. At Edison Academy those courses include:

  • Automotive Technology 2/3

  • Construction Technology 2 

  • Electrical Construction and Engineering 2/3

  • Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC-R)  2 

Students must take both the Apprenticeship course and one course listed above together in the same year.

The course is designed to allow students to participate in the Virginia Registered Apprenticeship or a Virginia Youth Registered Apprenticeship Program to gain training in a occupation related to their CTE course.  

Students must have instructor permission and an employer willing to sponsor the apprenticeship with the Virginia Department of Labor Youth Registered Apprenticeship program. Specific requirements of course participation include: 

  • A minimum of 144 hours of Related Technical Instruction in the high school CTE classroom ( one of the courses listed above) which can be credited toward the Registered Apprentice program upon graduating high school.
  • A minimum of 280 On the Job Training/work hours  to receive 1 course credit for the 984100 Apprenticeship course. 
  • An average of 20 hours earned per year of On the Job Training supplied by the employer over a 2 year period, for a minimum of 2,000 hours. All hours will be documented and credited toward the completion of a Registered Apprenticeship program.

Student Eligibility and Responsibilities include: 

  • Must be 16 years old before beginning work experience
  • Must have successfully completed a level 1 CTE high school course in the same course sequence.
  • Paired with a level 2 or 3 occupation-related CTE course for Related Technical Instruction. (Trades and Industry courses listed above) 
  • Ensure the employer is registered with Virginia DOLI.
  • Must secure the work experience with sponsored apprenticeship employer by October but preferably prior to the school year start date. 
  • Must maintain a 2.5 cumulative GPA.
  • Work in collaboration with the employer and Work-Based Learning (WBL) School Lead to develop a workplace experience that will contribute to the employability and ongoing development of the student.
  • Submit Virginia DOLI  training agreements between the student, parent/guardian, employer, and school are completed before the experience to cover but are not limited to employment terms, schedule, duration of work, compensation, and termination.
  • Must have reliable transportation to the employer's work site.
  • Must submit Time Sheets to the School Lead
  • Must document with employer the development of Portrait of a Graduate (POG), Workplace Readiness Skills (WRS), and the application of classroom learning through reflective journals.

Comparison of YRA and RA



High School Curriculum may be applicable at the employer’s discretion.

Safety Education is provided during related technical instruction and/or during work experience.

Paid on-the-job work experience that meets occupational program requirements.

Skilled mentors assigned to train and supervise students.

Related Technical Instruction - Classroom Experience

Available in industry-specific high school CTE programs.


Available through the ACE program, technical schools, community colleges, online, or
on-site by employer/sponsor.

Class Features 

Business/Industry Mentoring and Supervision

Occupation Specific Work Based Learning Experience 

On-the-Job Training with Related Technical Classroom Instruction

Employability  and Occupational Skills

Earn a Competitive Wage

Virginia Department of Labor and Industry Apprenticeship Credit

State Mandated Education/Training Agreement

Professional Certification /Advancement Opportunities 

Earn a portable credential for on the job training hours through their sponsoring employer towards their Virginia Youth Registered Apprenticeship (YRA) in conjunction with earning apprenticeship course credit  for YRA through successful completion of their associated high school content course.

May lead to opportunities for continuing employment at the discretion of the employer/sponsor subject to all standard on the job training and related technical instruction requirements. 

For more about Youth Apprenticeships visit the Youth Registered Apprenticeship Tool Kit in the FCPS Workbased Learning Google Site. ( Students must log in using their account) 

Watch this video about some students who participated in Youth Apprenticeship with the Fairfax County Public Schools, Trades for Tomorrow Program and their mentors, many of whom who were interns with Fairfax County Public Schools in earlier years.