Academy Ambassadors

Are you a born leader? Do you want to be? 

  • Are you comfortable speaking to people you don't know? Or do you have the desire to become more confident speaking in challenging social and school/professional situations?

  • Do you like to help others? Do you enjoy helping your teachers? 

  • Do you seek opportunities to provide service to the community?

  • Do others say that you are a responsible person? Or are you seeking to take on responsibility to earn recognition and build your leadership experience?

Did you answer many of these questions with a YES? If so, congratulations! You have what it takes to become an Academy Ambassador! 

Ambassadors may: 

  • Greet visitors and guest speakers to the Academy, and to your classroom
  • Serve as host/hostess for Academy sponsored meetings and events
  • Speak at special events such as school board meetings, Back-to-School nights, Academy Open Houses and other special Academy functions
  • Serve as an "ambassador" to introduce yourself, your teachers, and your fellow students to community and business leaders when on field trips, and at other special events at, or away from school 
  • Travel to present or participate in virtual presentations for elementary, middle, and high schools (when invited) to talk about your Academy program and how it fits into your future career aspirations. 
  • Represent Edison Academy at Curriculum Nights and Electives Fairs

What can being an Ambassador do for you? 

  • Add a new bullet point to your resume (leadership experience, community service) 
  • Earn Service Learning hours for after school, evening, and weekend Ambassador activities
  • Get opportunities to network with business and industry leaders to connect for internships or future employment opportunities
  • Develop your self-esteem, self-confidence, and poise
  • Eligibility for letters of recommendation from your academy teacher(s), academy counselor, and administrative staff
  • Meet an expectation for National Technical Honor Society members
  • Earn a special Eagle lapel pin for your service 

Students Who Agree to Serve as Ambassadors Should: 

  • Be outgoing (or have a desire to become more so) 
  • Have good communication skills or desire to build on current skills
  • Show initiative
  • Be highly enthusiastic about their Academy program
  • Be willing and able to attend outside of school activities and events
  • Attend school and Academy classes regularly
  • Willing to dress for events (wear academy class uniform, academy spirit wear, or business casual attire depending upon the occasion) 

Want to Know More About What Our Academy Ambassadors Do? 

Click on each of the photos in the slideshow below, to see the full photo and to read about many activities that our Academy Ambassadors have supported, lead, and participated in.  

Ambassador Show Case/Photo Gallery

Ready to Become An Academy Ambassador?  Apply Now! 

Students who wish to become Academy Ambassadors for the 2023-24 School Year. Apply here.

Deadline to apply is October 2, 2023.  (Note: You must be logged into your email account to access the application). 

Once your application is approved you will receive an update through Schoology to join the Edison Academy Ambassadors group where you will be able to access information and communications for Ambassadors.   

Past Ambassadors we hope to see you apply again this year!