Would you like to partner with us? 

Visit this page for FCPS Partnerships Information or call us at 703-924-8100

Do you have work-based learning opportunities for students? 

We are happy to publicize opportunities for our students to participate in paid internships and youth registered apprenticeship.  We also can help you publicize  service learning opportunities to students. Contact our Career Experience Specialist, Genie Williford  to share opportunities. We will post them on our website and publicize to teachers and students in classes. 

Would you like to offer to be an in-person or virtual guest speaker to talk with students about relevant career information? 

For guest speakers, reach out to Genie Williford or the appropriate teacher(s) listed in our Staff Directory. 

Would you like to offer a job shadow opportunity for a student or group of students to visit virtually or in-person to observe workers and/or learn more about a career field or particular job? 

For job shadow opportunities, reach out to Genie Williford the Career Experiences Specialist. 

Do you have scholarship opportunities to share with our students? 

Send all scholarship information to Genie Williford, to be posted and shared with students. 

Do you have job opportunities to share with our graduates and soon-to-be graduating Seniors?  

We can post  a short description of job opportunities on our website and share details with our students and alumni. Jobs for Graduates on Soon-To-Be Graduates. Contact our Career Experience Specialist, Genie Williford, to submit your requests. 

Partners and Community Supporters

Top Edison Academy Partners and Community Supporters:

Other local partners and mentor organizations are also listed on each Academy’s curricular program pages.