FCPS provides limited bus transportation between our students' base high schools. We also offer vehicle parking available for those who wish to drive to and from their Academy classes. 

All students must complete a transportation form that is kept on file in the Academy office. This form indicates the student's transportation plan for the school year. Forms will be distributed during the first week of school and are to be returned to the Academy office. 

Student Drivers/Parking

Students who wish to drive to and from the Academy for their classes must complete permission forms and obtain a parking pass to our Academy lot. Students who have a base school parking pass will be issued a sticker to add to that pass at no cost.  Students who do not have a base school parking pass must complete the application for an Academy parking pass and pay a $66 yearly parking fee.

Shuttle Bus Transportation

The school system uses a formula to determine if bus transportation will be provided between base schools and the Academy.  The number of students traveling at the same time, from the same school, must meet a threshold for shuttle transportation to be provided. Other considerations that influence shuttle availability are distance, time of day and traffic. Information about shuttle buses, that are to be provided in any given school year, should be distributed and shared with students through their base high school. 

Adjustments to Transportation for Inclement Weather, Early Close, and Late Opening of Schools