Veterinary Science

Course Info

  • Veterinary Science Level I 
  • Veterinary Science Level II 

Course Description

Level I Course Description

The Veterinary Science Program is a occupational preparatory course comprised of both lecture and hands-on experience to prepare students to enter a variety of avenues of the animal care field, such as in a veterinary hospital, grooming facility, or kennel. The program will provide a foundation of theory and techniques that will allow students to pursue their chosen career path that may include further education and encourages the development of a spirit of teamwork and compassion for others. Students will have the opportunity to explore their positions on animal care issues that affect our society. Leadership training opportunities will also be provided which promote the development of a well-rounded, effective member of the workforce in a workplace.

Level II Course Description

Students expand their knowledge of veterinary science and the care of animals. Topics include body systems and nutrition, disease prevention and parasitology, hospital procedures and preventative care. Students develop more advanced skills and techniques for assisting the veterinarian/veterinary technician in the following areas: aseptic techniques, first aid, laboratory procedures, administering medication, euthanasia, working with wildlife, and performing office functions.  

Career Pathway Examples for Veterinary Science Students

The study of Veterinary Science at Edison Academy, with additional post-secondary study or training, may lead to these careers: 

Some BLS Info - Check it out!  

Employment of veterinary technologists and technicians is projected to grow 19 percent from 2014 to 2024, much faster than the average for all occupations. Employment will grow as more veterinarians utilize technicians and technologists to do general care and lab work, and as they continue to replace lower skilled veterinary assistants according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Class Features

  • 6 Grooming Stations
  • 4 Large Dog Tubs
  • Multiple Aquaria and Habitats for Classroom Animals
  • Multiple Dog Crates/Cages

Professional Certification Opportunities

  • Virginia Workplace Readiness Skills

Mentor Firms and Partners

  • Fairfax County Animal Control
  • Fairfax County Animal Shelter

Ms Nestlerode and Ms Akau, our Edison Academy Veterinary Science Teachers, share information about the program. 

Student's Perspectives on Veterinary Science at Edison Academy


Watch this video to learn about a community service project that Veterinary Science students completed as part of their CTE Student Organization.