Culinary Arts

Course Info

  • Culinary Arts I   
  • Culinary Arts II 
  • Culinary Arts III

Course Description 

Level I Course Description

Students practice managerial, production, and service skills used in government, commercial, or independently owned institutional food establishments and related food industry occupations. Students plan, select, store, purchase, prepare, and serve food and food products; study basic nutrition, sanitation, and food safety; the use and care of commercial equipment; and the operation of institutional food establishments. Critical thinking, practical problem solving, and entrepreneurship opportunities within the field of culinary arts are emphasized. Teachers highlight the basic skills of mathematics, science, and communication when appropriate in content.

Level II Course Description

Culinary Arts II provides students an opportunity to refine skills in serving, dining room management, and other skills learned in Culinary Arts I. Students prepare for occupations such as chef/cook, baker/pastry helper, pastry decorator, hospitality worker, dietetic aide/assistant, food demonstrator, and entrepreneur. Critical thinking, practical problem solving, and entrepreneurship opportunities within the field of culinary arts are emphasized. Teachers highlight the basic skills of mathematics, science and communication when appropriate in content.

Level III Course Description

Culinary Arts III  at Edison Academy provides students with skills and knowledge to pursue careers in the food service industry in the following two specialization areas: 

  • Pastry Arts - The Baking and Pastry Food Specialization curriculum provides students opportunities to expand their technical skills in basking and pastry food preparation.
  • Culinary Operations -  Provides students with skills and knowledge which enables them to manage all aspects of a restaurant.

In a hands-on environment, students apply nutritional principles, plan menus, use business and mathematics skills, select and maintain food service equipment, and adhere to safety and sanitation standards. This course places a strong emphasis on science and mathematical knowledge and skills, critical thinking, practical problem-solving, and entrepreneurial opportunities within the field of culinary arts. 

Articulation agreements exist with the Culinary Institute of America, Johnson and Wales University, and Stratford University. 

Career Pathways Examples for Culinary Arts Students

The study of Culinary Arts at Edison Academy, along with additional post-secondary study or training, may lead to these careers: 

Related Careers

  • Food Service Sanitation Manager
  • Meat/Poultry/Fish Cutter
  • Agricultural & Food Scientist
  • Purchasing Agent

Some BLS Info - Check it Out! 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics employment of chefs and head cooks is projected to grow 9 percent from 2014 to 2024, faster than the average for all occupations. Most job opportunities for chefs and head cooks are expected to be in food services, including restaurants. Job opportunities also will result from the need to replace workers who leave the occupation. Candidates can expect strong competition for jobs at upscale restaurants, hotels, and casinos, where the pay is typically highest.

Services Offered - Bistro 1093

  • Bistro 1093 is your in-school dining destination.  Carry-Out and Dine-In menus are advertised to customers on our mailing list.  Email Chef Walden to register.  Baked goods and three course meals are prepared weekly for your dining pleasure.  All proceeds are used to fund activities of the Culinary Arts program at Edison Academy.  We appreciate your support.

Class Features

  • Complete Commercial Kitchen licensed by the Fairfax County Board of Health
  • Convection Ovens
  • Conventional Ovens
  • Fryers
  • Gas Grill
  • Electric Griddle
  • Gas Salamander
  • Open Top 6 & 4 Burner Ranges
  • Commercial Refrigerators & Freezers

Professional Certification Opportunities

  • Virginia Workplace Readiness Skills
  • ServSafe National Certification

Mentor Firms

  • Stratford University
  • Culinary Institute of America
  • Johnson and Wales University 
  • Real Food for Kids Organization
  • Belle Haven Country Club
  • Greenspring, an Erickson Senior Living Community

Our teacher, Chef Walden, shares information about the Culinary Arts program. 

Students Perspectives of the Culinary Arts Program

For more videos about our Culinary Arts program go to the Culinary Arts Playlist on our YouTube Channel.