Teachers for Tomorrow

Course Info

  • Teachers for Tomorrow Level I 
  • Teachers for Tomorrow Level II 

Course Description

Level I Course Description

Virginia Teachers for Tomorrow (VTfT) fosters student interest, understanding, and appreciation of the teaching profession and allows secondary students to explore careers in education. Students build a foundation for teaching; learn the history, structure and governance of teaching; apply professional teaching techniques in the VTfT classroom and field experience; and reflect on their teaching experiences. Additional educational leadership opportunities are offered through the student organization, Future Educators Association (FEA).

Level II Course Description

Students continue to explore careers in the Education and Training Cluster and pathways. This course provides the opportunity for students to prepare for careers in education as they research postsecondary options, learn about the process of teacher certification in Virginia, and participate in a practicum experience.

Transportation: Students must provide their own transportation to/from all observation and internship experiences. Students can drive self, or travel with parent/guardian, or partner with another TFT student that is at the same school location.

Career Pathways Examples for Teachers for Tomorrow Students

Study in the Teachers for Tomorrow program with additional post-secondary education or training, may lead to these careers: 

Class Features

  • Develop an understanding of cognitive, physical, and moral growth in children
  • Observe and assess various classroom settings to learn more about the teaching profession, classroom organization, lesson planning, and career options
  • Learn the importance of networking, career exploration, and resume writing
  • Create lesson plans using various formats
  • Research course curriculums required by the VA Department of Education
  • Become comfortable in a classroom setting through completing an internship
  • Create a portfolio showcasing all course work

Professional Certification Opportunities

  • Virginia Workplace Readiness Skills
  • PRAXIS Core

Mentor Firms

  • Fairfax County Public Schools

Our teacher, Ms. Karayannis, shares information about the Teachers for Tomorrow program. 

A student shares her perspective of Teachers for Tomorrow classes.