Nontraditional Career Readiness Academy (NCRA)

The Nontraditional Career Readiness Academy (NCRA) partners with Career and Technical Education (CTE) to provide students with opportunities to explore their passions through career preparation programs.  The students prepare for in-demand jobs and earn industry certifications thereby giving the students an advantage in the job search.  Students may participate in job shadow and/or internships while gaining the technical skills needed to become contributing members of society and supporting Fairfax County’s economic development.  

The Nontraditional Career Readiness Academies supports grade 9-12 students by offering a smaller class size and structured learning environment while facilitating students’ positive growth.  The opportunity to participate in CTE programs provides a link to business and industry that starts the students down the path toward their career field of choice.  Students may utilize FCPS academy shuttles or provide their own transportation. 

NCRA Enrollment Procedures

Academy or base school counselors may submit a request for an elective placement to an NCRA to the coordinator of Nontraditional School Programs using the Nontraditional School Programs Education Placement Referral Form (SS/SE 227) [see appendix A], a current transcript “with work in progress,” and SOL test history  for students enrolled in the Edison Academy who may be experiencing academic difficulty or for those students who prefer a smaller learning environment.

Base school counselors are encouraged to contact the Edison Academy counselor for questions about the opportunity or process for enrollment.