Course Info 

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Course Description

This course must be paired with a CTE content course offered at Edison Academy. Students must take both the Internship course and at least one of the courses listed above together in the same school year. 

  • Automotive Collision Services 
  • Automotive Technology
  • Construction Technology 
  • Cosmetology
  • Criminal Justice 
  • Culinary Arts 
  • Cyber IT Courses - Routing & Switching (Cisco), Computer Systems Technology, Network Administration, Oracle, Security + Capstone 
  • Electrical Construction & Engineering 
  • HVAC & Refrigeration
  • Teachers for Tomorrow ( internship would be in addition to the internship already built into the course curriculum such as working at a day care, tutoring service, etc.) 
  • Veterinary Science 

An overview of the Internship course: 

  • Internship is a Work-Based Learning experience that places the student in a real workplace environment to develop and practice career-related knowledge and bring together skills and knowledge for a specific career field related to the student’s career interests, abilities, and goals.
  • An Internship Training Agreement must be in place which requires the support of the student, parent/guardian, and employer/business internship sponsor. 
  • Internships may be paid or unpaid with sponsoring organizations. 
  • Meaningful and authentic connections are made to classroom learning and accompanied by structured reflection activities.
  • Students participating in internships are guided by a formal, written training plan that defines specific academic and workplace skills to be mastered.
  • Course credit for internship experiences during the school year should be based upon the student’s successful completion of the course and continuous, satisfactory employment throughout the school year.
  • Students should achieve a minimum of 280 hours of internship experience with a sponsoring organization for the school year (70 hours per quarter). 
  • Student must secure their internship experience early, preferably prior to the school year start date. 

Class Features 

Business/Industry Mentoring and Supervision

Occupation Specific Work Based Learning Experience 

On-the-Job Training with Related Technical Classroom-based Instruction

Employability  and Occupational Skills