Cyber: Oracle

Course Info

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Course Description

What is Oracle?

Oracle is the largest vendor of database systems in the world with the largest market share for both MS-Windows and Unix based databases. Oracle is also the second largest independent software company in the world. All 10 of the world's largest Web sites- from to Yahoo! - use Oracle.

Level I Course Description

Students learn to analyze complex business scenarios and create a data model, a conceptual representation of an organizations information. Students implement their database design (data model) by creating a physical database using SQL, the industry-standard database programming language. Internships may be available for students who excel in this course.

Level 2 Course Description

The PL/SQL course covers PL/SQL, a procedural language extension to SQL. Through an innovative project-based approach, students learn procedural logic constructs such as variables, constants, conditional statements and iterative controls. Students have the opportunity to sit for the second of two exams required to earn the Oracle Certified Associate certification.

Oracle Curriculum Overview

Oracle curriculum enhances the rigor and relevance of academic programs by integrating the technical subject matter and professional skills that employers are demanding and in the 21st century workplace. A strong emphasis is placed on students demonstrating employability skills, such as critical thinking, problem solving, resume building and interviewing, group collaboration and project management. Students also learn and apply higher-order thinking skills that mirror the level of excellence  expected in higher education. Using the latest online learning technologies, students demonstrate valuable skills that will give them an advantage in pursuing these types of future careers and more: database administration, computer engineering, consulting, technology manager, software engineer, systems analyst, information systems manager and project management.

Class Features

  • Oracle Academy Curriculum Website
  • Oracle Application Express Online Database
  • Oracle Developer Day VM Local Database

Professional Certification Opportunities

  • Oracle Database Associate Certification
  • Microsoft MTA Certification
  • Microsoft Office Specialist MOS

Potential Career Opportunities

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