Aaron King

By Tisa Frederick
Staff Bios
October 23, 2023

Hey everyone, I'm Aaron King, a thrill-seeking adventurer from just outside New Orleans. Growing up on the Westbank of the Mississippi, I roamed the woods and swamps, absorbing all I could about nature's secrets while also honing my tech skills by tinkering with computers and telephones.


New Orleans is a special city. It taught me the art of celebrating life, embracing culture, and relishing in the joy of unique self-expression. But I had bigger dreams—I wanted to explore the world. So I joined the navy, and boy, did I explore! I climbed pyramids, parasailed in Seychelles, and even played a part in capturing a Russian contraband ship in the Persian Gulf. The thrill was unreal!


After my navy days, I dove into the corporate world, teaching myself software development and earning a bachelor's degree. I swiftly climbed the ranks, supporting big players like Pfizer and working with clients like Johnnie Cochran. But that wasn't enough for me. I took the leap into entrepreneurship, successfully running my own consultancy/ managed services firm and even teaching part-time at Eastern Virginia Medical School. It was there that I discovered my true calling—to become a teacher and give back to the community.


When I'm not busy running my business or molding young minds, I indulge in my passions. I'm a globetrotter, exploring new destinations and cooking up culinary masterpieces in my kitchen. And above all, my heart belongs to my incredible wife and lovely daughter—they are my rock and my greatest joy.