Collision Students Train on VRTX Virtual Reality Welding Simulator

By williford
SY 2019-20
February 11, 2020

Students in the Automotive Collision Services program at Edison Academy have a new tool to help them train for welding in the collision field as well as for other careers where precision welding skills are valued and needed.  The Lincoln Electric VRTX Virtual Reality Welding simulator being used in the classroom helps the students to build muscle memory and dramatically improve their welding skills. 

Students have a realistic experience with the simulator allowing them to practice over and over in a safe environment before going into the auto collision shop/laboratory to perform actual welding.  Automotive Collison Repair teacher, Charlie Cornwell, encourages his students to practice regularly and some friendly competition among the students has sprung up as a result of their practice sessions. 

The virtual reality simulator also helps to reduce waste and the costs for consumable welding materials particularly for new students who are just beginning to learn.