Edison Academy Annual “Chopped” Challenge

By Tisa Frederick
March 13, 2024

Edison Academy's annual "Chopped" competition brings the heat – and culinary creativity – to the table. This exciting event for Academy Culinary Arts Students puts their skills to the test, just like the popular Food Network show. Students face surprise mystery ingredients in each round (appetizer, entrée, dessert), forcing them to think on their feet and whip up delicious dishes under pressure.

The judges consisted of various Edison HS & Academy staff members, community members and parents. The student’s enthusiasm was palpable once they were able to see the ingredients they would be working with. Each team was allotted five minutes to brainstorm and thirty minutes to race against the clock to transform unexpected ingredients into culinary masterpieces. The judges meticulously evaluated each dish based on taste, presentation, and creativity within the constraints of the mystery ingredients.

This annual competition is a fantastic way for Edison Academy's Culinary Arts Students to showcase their talents, gain valuable experience working under pressure, and foster friendly competition in a kitchen setting. It's a delicious event that celebrates the hard work and dedication of these aspiring chefs. Congratulations to the following:

1st Place- Power Puff Girls (Dallas, Jeanna, Genesis, Vince & Kena)

2nd Place- Mystery Gang (Mylo, Adriana H., Adriana R, Johnny & Lauren)

3rd Place- Habibtis (Love) (Krista, Soleil, Trent, Ian)