Edison Academy Criminal Justice Takes a Field Trip to the Real Deal

By Tisa Frederick
May 03, 2024

Ever wondered what it takes to be a cop? The Criminal Justice students at Edison Academy recently got a firsthand look during a trip to the Fairfax County Criminal Justice Academy. This immersive experience brought their classroom learning to life!

The visit packed a punch. Students got a tour of the academy facilities, including classrooms, training grounds, and even got to participate in simulation activities. They met instructors and law enforcement professionals who shared their expertise on everything from criminal investigation to patrol techniques. It gave them a sense of the weight and responsibility that comes with the uniform.

The trip wasn't just fun and games (though there were definitely some fun parts!). It helped solidify the students' understanding of the criminal justice system and the important role law enforcement plays in our community. It might have even sparked a few future careers in criminal justice!

For any Edison Academy Criminal Justice student dreaming of a badge, this field trip was a major step towards turning those dreams into reality.