Edison Academy Quarter 4 Award Recipients

By Tisa Frederick
May 31, 2024

The following students were recognized by their teachers for the fourth quarter of the 2023-24 school year.  

Photos may be found on our Facebook page at this link


Xavier RamirezStudent of the QuarterAutomotive Collision 1CornwellWest Potomac
Hugo DeLa FuenteAchievement AwardAutomotive Collision 1CornwellWest Potomac
Fasihullah SafarStudent of the QuarterAutomotive Collision 1CornwellEdison
Yurguen Cortez GallegosAchievement AwardAutomotive Collision 1CornwellEdison
Cody HoangStudent of the QuarterAutomotive Collision 1CornwellFalls Church
Hector Gomez MacarioAchievement AwardAutomotive Collision 1CornwellFalls Church
Evan BauerStudent of the QuarterAutomotive Collision 1CornwellWest Springfield
Tamis Cutzal XinicAchievement AwardAutomotive Collision 1CornwellJustice
Brycen ScheidStudent of the QuarterAutomotive Collision 2CornwellHayfield
Rose Escalante EscobarStudent of the QuarterAutomotive Collision 3CornwellEdison
Samantha Paz SanchezStudent of the QuarterAutomotive Technology 1BoganWest Potomac
Rashid AhmedStudent of the QuarterAutomotive Technology 1BoganEdison
Grace JohnsonStudent of the QuarterAutomotive Technology 1BoganMount Vernon
Dawson McGillStudent of the QuarterAutomotive Technology 1BoganWest Springfield
Arif AliStudent of the QuarterAutomotive Technology 2BoganEdison
Scott HunterStudent of the QuarterAutomotive Technology 3BoganEdison
Linzy Palomino-LopezStudent of the QuarterCosmetology 1HallEdison
Axelle RiesAchievement AwardCosmetology 1HallEdison
Kimberly Retana-RamosStudent of the QuarterCosmetology 2HallEdison
Daysi Aguilera-RomanoAchievement AwardCosmetology 2HallWest Springfield
Fomonyuy NjongStudent of the QuarterCyber: Network Administration 2LeeMount Vernon
Reyan MuzainAchievement AwardCyber: Network Administration 2LeeLewis
Aya BoudadStudent of the QuarterCyber: Network Administration 1LeeEdison
Diego Garcia-HernandezAchievement AwardCyber: Network Administration 1LeeLewis
Grady McMasterStudent of the QuarterCyber: Network Administration 1LeeWest Potomac
Joel Duarte RodriguezAchievement AwardCyber: Network Administration 1LeeHayfield
Julian IbanezStudent of the QuarterCyber: Network Administration 1LeeSouth County
Colby FreemanAchievement AwardCyber: Network Administration 1LeeHayfield
Muhammad NoonStudent of the QuarterCyber: Security CapLeeSouth County
Elianna OritzAchievement AwardCyber: Security CapLeeHayfield
Manahil AmjadStudent of the QuarterCyber: OracleLeeSouth County
Muhammad WarisAchievement AwardCyber: OracleLeeMount Vernon
Eren LiStudent of the QuarterCyber: Exploring ITKingEdison
Yesuf HassenAchievement AwardCyber: Exploring ITKingWest Potomac
Hassebullah SarwanStudent of the QuarterCyber: Exploring ITKingEdison
Kwaku  AsumaduAchievement AwardCyber: Exploring ITKingWest Potomac
James RobinsonStudent of the QuarterCyber: Exploring ITKingLewis
Jack Orosco-ZeballosAchievement AwardCyber: Exploring ITKingLewis
Gabrielle A. MartinezStudent of the QuarterCyber: Systems TechKingEdison
Jarvell RicksAchievement AwardCyber: Systems TechKingEdison
Artashes HovhannisyanStudent of the QuarterCyber: CiscoKingEdison
Eric AduseiAchievement AwardCyber: CiscoKingWest Potomac
Michael OpokuStudent of the QuarterCyber: Exploring ITKingWest Potomac
Aayan AhmadAchievement AwardCyber: Exploring ITKingEdison
Aidyn LillyStudent of the QuarterCriminal Justice 1KayajanianEdison
Jaylene RosalesAchievement AwardCriminal Justice 1KayajanianEdison
Angelina GarciaStudent of the QuarterCriminal Justice 1KayajanianHayfield
Salem BasazinewAchievement AwardCriminal Justice 1KayajanianHayfield
Guinevere WilkersonStudent of the QuarterCriminal Justice 1KayajanianLake Braddock
Julian Rodriguez FernandezAchievement AwardCriminal Justice 1KayajanianLake Braddock
Laura Dussan LeongomezStudent of the QuarterCriminal Justice 1KayajanianWest Springfield
Hareem AkhtarAchievement AwardCriminal Justice 1KayajanianWest Springfield
Gerard WilliamsStudent of the QuarterCriminal Justice 2KayajanianEdison
Dilia Soto CardenasAchievement AwardCriminal Justice 2KayajanianEdison
Amaury RichardsonStudent of the QuarterCriminal Justice 1RussellEdison
Sofia RiosAchievement AwardCriminal Justice 1RussellEdison
Shamary JohnsonStudent of the QuarterCriminal Justice 1RussellHayfield
Mina GrandjeanAchievement AwardCriminal Justice 1RussellHayfield
Angely Aleman-MunozStudent of the QuarterCriminal Justice 1RussellEdison
Ivan RodasAchievement AwardCriminal Justice 1RussellEdison
Addison DiazStudent of the QuarterCriminal Justice 1RussellSouth County
Maya MartinosAchievement AwardCriminal Justice 1RussellSouth County
Chana Bielsker-RolfeStudent of the QuarterCriminal Justice 2RussellLake Braddock
Farah DeghdeghAchievement AwardCriminal Justice 2RussellLake Braddock
Adin NeerStudent of the QuarterCulinary Arts 1WaldenEdison
Andrew SaboAchievement AwardCulinary Arts 1WaldenWest Potomac
Brian Urquilla-CastroStudent of the QuarterCulinary Arts 1WaldenWest Springfield
Genesis Vasquez-SantamariaAchievement AwardCulinary Arts 1WaldenWest Springfield
John SetionoStudent of the QuarterCulinary Arts 2WaldenEdison
Yusuke (Johnny) BallAchievement AwardCulinary Arts 2WaldenEdison
Oscar Vazquez-HernandezStudent of the QuarterElectrical Construction 1WolfeMount Vernon
Anthony Juarez-PostigoStudent of the QuarterElectrical Construction 1WolfeEdison
Edwin Solis VictorianoStudent of the QuarterElectrical Construction 1WolfeJustice
Jeremy MaravillaStudent of the QuarterElectrical Construction 1WolfeWest Springfield
Thomas Umana-MarquezStudent of the QuarterElectrical Construction 2WolfeEdison
Arnold Reyes AguilarStudent of the QuarterElectrical Construction 3WolfeLewis
Ryan Quintanilla-RiveraStudent of the QuarterHVAC-R 1StringhamWest Potomac
Roberto Ramos LobatoAchievement AwardHVAC-R 1StringhamLewis
Ronald Petitt Jr.Student of the QuarterHVAC-R 1StringhamEdison
Jacob ZeraaAchievement AwardHVAC-R 1StringhamRobinson
Jairo De Leon MendezStudent of the QuarterHVAC-R 1StringhamJustice
Joseph LittleAchievement AwardHVAC-R 1StringhamLake Braddock
Yitzak ValdezStudent of the QuarterHVAC-R 1StringhamWest Springfield
Mark Quiroz HoyosAchievement AwardHVAC-R 1StringhamJustice
Axel Muro CastroStudent of the QuarterHVAC-R 2StringhamMount Vernon
Macnor Gonzalez-RodriguezAchievement AwardHVAC-R 2StringhamAnnandale
Genesis RiveraStudent of the QuarterTeachers for Tomorrow 1KarayannisJustice
Marcelina AbenesStudent of the QuarterTeachers for Tomorrow 2KarayannisSouth County
Dilan BaybasStudent of the QuarterVeterinary Science 1AkauEdison
Arianna EydelmanAchievement AwardVeterinary Science 1AkauEdison
Hayden GerberStudent of the QuarterVeterinary Science 1AkauFalls Church
Nathanael ClockAchievement AwardVeterinary Science 1AkauFalls Church
Sarah VoelkelStudent of the QuarterVeterinary Science 2AkauLake Braddock
Leanne SaracenoAchievement AwardVeterinary Science 2AkauSouth County
Rachel JacobsonStudent of the QuarterVeterinary Science 1NestlerodeEdison
Alissa Liner Achievement AwardVeterinary Science 1NestlerodeWest Potomac
William TownsendStudent of the QuarterVeterinary Science 1NestlerodeWest Springfield
Felicity SwogerAchievement AwardVeterinary Science 1NestlerodeWest Springfield
Megan HitchcockStudent of the QuarterVeterinary Science 2NestlerodeJustice
Estela GallantAchievement AwardVeterinary Science 2NestlerodeLake Braddock
Jefferson Angel GuevaraStudent of the QuarterConstruction Technology 1MorrowEdison
Abraham Poroj-GonzalesAchievement AwardConstruction Technology 1MorrowSouth County
Keaton OrtizStudent of the QuarterConstruction Technology 2MorrowHayfield
Colin VelthuisAchievement AwardConstruction Technology 2MorrowMadison