Edison Academy Students Architect of the Capitol Experience

By Tisa Frederick
November 14, 2023

Edison Academy Electrical & Residential Engineering, HVAC-R, and Construction Technology students visited the US Capitol for an Architect of the Capitol tour. This was a great opportunity for the students to learn about the history and architecture of the US Capitol, as well as the important role that the Architect of the Capitol plays in maintaining this national landmark and those surrounding it.

The students were joined by Mr. Albert Martin, Talent Acquisition Program Manager, and Daniel Murphy, Supervisory General Engineer. Mr. Martin and Mr. Murphy provided the students with insights into the day-to-day operations of the Architect of the Capitol, as well as the challenges and rewards of working in such a historic setting. Students were able to tour the tunnels of the US Capitol along with the Library of Congress, The Supreme Court and the office buildings of the US House of Representatives and Senators. 

The tour was a valuable learning experience for the students, and it is sure to inspire them as they pursue their careers in the electrical, HVAC-R, and construction trades. Tours were conducted by some of the two thousand employees responsible to maintain over 18 million square feet of the area surrounding the Capitol. 

Students also learned about the 12-Week Summer Internship Program offered through the Architect of the Capitol! Students will be able to apply for positions including Architecture Aide, Communication Aide, Engineering Aide, Horticulture Aide, and Office Clerk positions. This is a paid internship with real world experience on the Capitol Complex. To apply go to usajobs.gov. The application is open until January 31, 2024. 

Thank you to all the Architect of the Capitol employees that aided in this tour. It was an experience of a lifetime!