Lights, Camera, Recognition: Edison Academy Celebrates ECE Night

By Tisa Frederick
May 06, 2024

Calling all future electricians! Edison Academy's Electrical Construction and Engineering (ECE) program recently held its annual ECE Night – a night dedicated to celebrating the achievements of current and graduating students.

The evening buzzed with excitement as students, families, and instructors gathered. Special guests and outgoing student crew leaders took center stage, reflecting on the year's hard work and dedication.

A key highlight? The "Passing of the Hard Hat" ceremony. This symbolic tradition signifies the official induction of the incoming crew members and crew leaders. Imagine the pride as they receive their hard hats – a badge of honor in the electrical trade.

But ECE Night wasn't just about looking back. It was also a chance to look forward. Graduating students were recognized for their accomplishments, taking a big step towards their future careers. The energy in the room was palpable – a mix of excitement for the future and appreciation for the program that helped them get there.

Whether you're a current ECE student or just starting to explore your options, ECE Night is a powerful reminder of the program's supportive community and the bright futures it ignites. It's a night that celebrates the spark of potential within each student, ready to be transformed into a skilled electrical professional.