Edison Academy Quarter 3 Award Recipients

By Tisa Frederick
May 03, 2024

The following students were recognized by their teachers for the second quarter of the 2023-24 school year.  

Photos may be found on our Facebook page at this link


Edwin Orozco-PerezStudent of the QuarterAutomotive Collision 1CornwellWest Potomac
Xavier RamirezAchievement AwardAutomotive Collision 1CornwellWest Potomac
Eli VonkStudent of the QuarterAutomotive Collision 1CornwellEdison
Joseph MoranAchievement AwardAutomotive Collision 1CornwellEdison
Paola Gutierrez-GonzalezStudent of the QuarterAutomotive Collision 1CornwellWest Potomac
Jeremy Rivas-MartinezAchievement AwardAutomotive Collision 1CornwellMount Vernon
Keeghan KonietzkoStudent of the QuarterAutomotive Collision 1CornwellWest Springfield
Josue Garcia SaraviaAchievement AwardAutomotive Collision 1CornwellJustice
Elijah KnightStudent of the QuarterAutomotive Collision 2CornwellMount Vernon
Josue Castro-ChavezAchievement AwardAutomotive Collision 2CornwellEdison
Rose Escalante EscobarStudent of the QuarterAutomotive Collision 3CornwellEdison
Jimmy Avila ValenteStudent of the QuarterAutomotive Technology 1BoganWest Potomac
Jesus E. Castro-FloresAchievement AwardAutomotive Technology 1BoganWest Potomac
Cyrus A. BeanStudent of the QuarterAutomotive Technology 1BoganEdison
Draven C. Boli
Achievement AwardAutomotive Technology 1BoganEdison
Aidan T. HalidouStudent of the QuarterAutomotive Technology 1BoganMount Vernon
Mueez O. AjideleAchievement AwardAutomotive Technology 1BoganMount Vernon
Kellen W. WrightStudent of the QuarterAutomotive Technology 1BoganWest Springfield
Jeremy H. Ramos-AlvarezAchievement AwardAutomotive Technology 1BoganWest Springfield
Ryan D. MartinStudent of the QuarterAutomotive Technology 2BoganEdison
Jeffrey A. Ventura-MolinaAchievement AwardAutomotive Technology 2BoganWest Potomac
Tariq SalehStudent of the QuarterAutomotive Technology 3BoganWest Springfield
Scott A. Hunter, JrAchievement AwardAutomotive Technology 3BoganEdison
Audrey NguyenStudent of the QuarterCosmetology 1HallWest Springfield
Mehrunnisa IqbalAchievement AwardCosmetology 1HallEdison
Brenda Camacho SalazarStudent of the QuarterCosmetology 2HallEdison
Josephine SmithAchievement AwardCosmetology 2HallWest Springfield
Danny LyStudent of the QuarterCyber: Network Administration 2LeeLewis
Mawunyo ApetohAchievement AwardCyber: Network Administration 2LeeMount Vernon
Jeffrey TranStudent of the QuarterCyber: Network Administration 1LeeLewis
Jalal HaidariAchievement AwardCyber: Network Administration 1LeeLewis
Connor LytleStudent of the QuarterCyber: Network Administration 1LeeLake Braddock
Urael DebasAchievement AwardCyber: Network Administration 1LeeLewis
Vuong BachStudent of the QuarterCyber: Network Administration 1LeeLake Braddock
Julian IbanezAchievement AwardCyber: Network Administration 1LeeSouth County
Kathleen HigginsStudent of the QuarterCyber: Security CapLeeSouth County
Brandon PlamondonAchievement AwardCyber: Security CapLeeMount Vernon
Gisella CorderoStudent of the QuarterCyber: OracleLeeMount Vernon
Joseph NguyenAchievement AwardCyber: OracleLeeEdison
Ferdy Zelaya-GonzalezStudent of the QuarterCyber: Exploring ITKingMount Vernon
Nadia SeidAchievement AwardCyber: Exploring ITKingEdison
Taha AamirStudent of the QuarterCyber: Exploring ITKingLewis
Milton Torres-ReyesAchievement AwardCyber: Exploring ITKingMount Vernon
Gianmarcos SerranoStudent of the QuarterCyber: Exploring ITKingAnnandale
Arsalan NawabiAchievement AwardCyber: Exploring ITKingSouth County
Markell WhitneyStudent of the QuarterCyber: Systems TechKingMount Vernon
Collin SamsonAchievement AwardCyber: Systems TechKingLewis
Umar AhmadStudent of the QuarterCyber: CiscoKingHayfield
Shahid AhmadAchievement AwardCyber: CiscoKingHayfield
Laila SinghStudent of the QuarterCyber: Exploring ITKingEdison
Anthony Antezana PradoAchievement AwardCyber: Exploring ITKingAnnandale
Alessandro MendozaStudent of the QuarterCriminal Justice 1KayajanianEdison
Madeline GainesAchievement AwardCriminal Justice 1KayajanianEdison
Ruaa AlchuraikhiStudent of the QuarterCriminal Justice 1KayajanianHayfield
Angel FranklinAchievement AwardCriminal Justice 1KayajanianHayfield
Zoe WisecarverStudent of the QuarterCriminal Justice 1KayajanianLake Braddock
Cecily EricksonAchievement AwardCriminal Justice 1KayajanianLake Braddock
Tristan White-GlasgowStudent of the QuarterCriminal Justice 1KayajanianWest Springfield
Elizabeth CollinsAchievement AwardCriminal Justice 1KayajanianWest Springfield
Presha WilliamsStudent of the QuarterCriminal Justice 2KayajanianEdison
Angel Marquez GuandiqueAchievement AwardCriminal Justice 2KayajanianEdison
Sarah CanalesStudent of the QuarterCriminal Justice 1RussellEdison
Adriana RileyAchievement AwardCriminal Justice 1RussellEdison
Lady AnkrahStudent of the QuarterCriminal Justice 1RussellHayfield
Owen PottenburghAchievement AwardCriminal Justice 1RussellHayfield
Skye SoukphouangkhamStudent of the QuarterCriminal Justice 1RussellEdison
Tiffany McVickerAchievement AwardCriminal Justice 1RussellEdison
Amelia HaleyStudent of the QuarterCriminal Justice 1RussellSouth County
Betanya BinyamAchievement AwardCriminal Justice 1RussellSouth County
Josiah CampbellStudent of the QuarterCriminal Justice 2RussellLake Braddock
Mariem AkasbiAchievement AwardCriminal Justice 2RussellHayfield
Chris Hernandez-BordaStudent of the QuarterCulinary Arts 1WaldenEdison
Khoi DuongAchievement AwardCulinary Arts 1WaldenEdison
Jenna GodutiStudent of the QuarterCulinary Arts 1WaldenWest Springfield
Vince LeAchievement AwardCulinary Arts 1WaldenWest Springfield
Mylo GodwinStudent of the QuarterCulinary Arts 2WaldenEdison
Krista MarcellusAchievement AwardCulinary Arts 2WaldenLewis
Luis Flores-FuentesStudent of the QuarterElectrical Construction 1WolfeLewis
Lauren (Ash) SuttonStudent of the QuarterElectrical Construction 1WolfeEdison
Enrique Perez SilvaStudent of the QuarterElectrical Construction 1WolfeLake Braddock
Noah PottsStudent of the QuarterElectrical Construction 1WolfeSouth County
Charles Barrios LazoStudent of the QuarterElectrical Construction 2WolfeEdison
Daniel PascualStudent of the QuarterElectrical Construction 2WolfeEdison
Josue Alvarenga-CastilloStudent of the QuarterHVAC-R 1StringhamWest Potomac
Ryan Quintanilla-RiveraAchievement AwardHVAC-R 1StringhamWest Potomac
Jhon Ochoa LazarteStudent of the QuarterHVAC-R 1StringhamEdison
David Tista AguilerAchievement AwardHVAC-R 1StringhamEdison
Alex Vasquez-CedilloStudent of the QuarterHVAC-R 1StringhamJustice
Juan Daniel Melgar PortilloAchievement AwardHVAC-R 1StringhamFalls Church
Myquel EdmonsonStudent of the QuarterHVAC-R 1StringhamHayfield
Fredis Flores TobarAchievement AwardHVAC-R 1StringhamAnnandale
Trent PargoeStudent of the QuarterHVAC-R 2StringhamJustice
Tyler PulleyAchievement AwardHVAC-R 2StringhamEdison
Ana Brizuela-FloresStudent of the QuarterTeachers for Tomorrow 1KarayannisWest Potomac
Hailey MembrenoStudent of the QuarterTeachers for Tomorrow 2KarayannisFalls Church
Pamela Chavez MejiaStudent of the QuarterVeterinary Science 1AkauEdison
Aylen Amargo ArgandonaAchievement AwardVeterinary Science 1AkauLewis
Isabel SmithStudent of the QuarterVeterinary Science 1AkauLake Braddock
Anna AlbrechtAchievement AwardVeterinary Science 1AkauWest Springfield
Avery AllgeyerStudent of the QuarterVeterinary Science 2AkauWest Potomac
Katie Molina SaraviaAchievement AwardVeterinary Science 2AkauAnnandale
Maniyah Anderson BowserStudent of the QuarterVeterinary Science 1NestlerodeLewis
Chandler JbaraAchievement AwardVeterinary Science 1NestlerodeLewis
Abigail MedinaStudent of the QuarterVeterinary Science 1NestlerodeFalls Church
Sara BeeseAchievement AwardVeterinary Science 1NestlerodeFalls Church
Emily VigerStudent of the QuarterVeterinary Science 2NestlerodeSouth County
Arianna JacksonAchievement AwardVeterinary Science 2NestlerodeWest Springfield
Samantha DreschStudent of the QuarterConstruction Technology 1MorrowMount Vernon
Joshua AllenAchievement AwardConstruction Technology 1MorrowHayfield
Hunter HerreraStudent of the QuarterConstruction Technology 2MorrowWest Springfield
Ana DezaAchievement AwardConstruction Technology 2MorrowWest Springfield