FBI Academy Field Trip for Criminal Justice Students

Quantico, Virginia

November 12, 2019

Students from the Criminal Justice classes toured the FBI's National Academy in Quantico, VA where FBI and DEA recruits receive their training.  Students learned about college internship opportunities which can pave the way towards a career with the FBI.  Students also learned about the many jobs within the FBI such as special agents, intelligence analysts, investigative and forensic scientists, forensic accountants, linguists, surveillance personnel, even seamstresses, culinary professionals, maintenance technicians in the skilled trades, actors who work for the FBI, and more.

Students toured the facilities and got to observe DEA agents-in-training learn and practice their hand-to-hand combat skills.   Students saw hear about where the Academy trainees live and see where they train while at the Academy.

The field trip included a visit to the FBI Library, Hogan's Alley which simulates an urban town setting, the firearms training facilities and the outdoor firing ranges, the auditorium where graduation ceremonies are held at the Academy, the indoor pool, and viewed off in the distance the stacks of the forensic facilities where FBI analysts, biologists and chemists do their analysis work.   Students had the opportunity to shop in the FBI gift shop to end their day and read about the current 10 most wanted criminals being sought by the FBI.