FCPS provides limited bus transportation between our students' base high schools. We also offer vehicle parking available for those who wish to drive to and from their Academy classes. 

All students must complete a transportation form that is kept on file in the Academy office. This form indicates the student's transportation plan for the school year. Forms will be distributed during the first week of school and are to be returned to the Academy office by no later than Monday, September 10, 2018. 

Student Drivers/Parking

Students who wish to drive to and from the Academy for their classes must obtain a parking permit to park. Permits will be available in the Academy office beginning August 31. For more information about parking and costs for parking, please see the contact or call 703-924-8100. 

Bus Transportation

Bus transportation is provided by FCPS Transportation from these schools at these times for students who are taking Academy classes.  Bus transportation is offered based on a formula. For questions and concerns please contact FCPS Facilities and Transportation. 


  • Not all schools have bus transportation at all times that classes are offered. Your school may not be listed for all Academy class meeting times.   
  •  An *  indicates where shuttles are not provided in both directions during a class period.  (Those who take multiple classes or who have classes that meet over multiple class periods (such as Cosmetology) will be able to utilize these partial shuttle cycles.    
School Base to Edison Academy   Edison Academy to Base  
AM  Shuttles Bus Number Time Bus Number Time
Hayfield S1003 8:10 S1102 9:45
Lake Braddock S2005* 8:00 no return shuttle  
Lee S1002 8:10 S1102 9:45
Mt. Vernon S1000 8:10 S1100 9:45
West Potomac S1004 8:10 S1111 9:45
West Springfield S2005 * 8:10 no return shuttle  
MID-DAY Shuttles
Annandale/only day 2 S2103/day 2 9:40 S2206/day 2 11:20
Falls Church/only day 2 S2114/day 2 9:40 S2216/day 2 11:20
Hayfield S1108 9:40 S1203 11:20
Justice S2110 9:40 S2205 11:20
Lake Braddock S2113 9:40 S2208 11:20
Lee S1108 9:52 S1203 11:20
Mt. Vernon  S1116 9:40 S1216 11:20
Quander/only day 2 S1104/day 2 9:43 S1205/day 2 11:20
South County S1105 9:40 S1212 11:20
West Potomac S1104 9:40 S1205 11:20
West Springfield S2112 9:40 S2207 11:20
PM Shuttles
Annandale/only day 1 S2228/day 1 12:00 S2312/day 1 2:00
Falls Church S2204 11:55 S2315 2:00
Justice/only day 1 S2221/day 1 12:00 S2316/day 1 2:00
Lake Braddock No shuttle to bring students   S2303*  2:00
Lee S1210 12:00 S1303 2:00
Mt. Vernon  S1207 12:00 S1307 2:00
South County/only day 1 S1206/day 1 11:55 S1308/day 1 2:00
West Potomac S1208 12:00 S1309 2:00
West Springfield S2218 12:00 S2303 2:00
Spring Village Work Site Shuttle
to Spring Village S1105 10:10 S1227 1:35