Career Experiences

Career Experiences

Students have a variety of options for gaining career experience and making career decisions as a part of their Academy education. Students may explore careers through the following. Click on each one to learn more. 

Career Experience Events for Students

Career Experience Events are being offered by many local, regional, and even national sponsors. Go to this page to view upcoming events. Opportunities are added and updated monthly.

Videos to Inspire You as You Begin the Journey to Your Career

The videos in this series are provided courtesy of Career One Stop. You can view other resources on their website from the main link to Career One Stop at the bottom of this page.

Want to Work? 

Are you interested in earning a paycheck, and/or gaining work experience to build your resume of experience?  

High School Work Based Learning Experiences

Possible Student Internships, Youth Apprenticeships, Enrichment opportunities, and/or part-time work opportunities for students. Click the link below to go to opportunities.

Jobs for Graduates and Soon-To-Be Graduates

Shared apprenticeship and other job opportunities for those who have graduated or are about to graduate from high school. Click the link below to go to opportunities.

Virginia Youth Registered Apprenticeships

Other Ways to Explore Careers

Career Exploration and Assessment Tools in Student Naviance

Career Exploration, Research and Career Planning Resources

Career Exploration, Research and Career Planning Resources

Follow links below to explore careers. 

Career Fairs

Career Fairs -  Students may have opportunities to participate in local career fairs and conferences. These events are considered field trips and must be arranged through the student's teacher, the Academy Counselor or Career Experience Specialist or the base school Career Center Specialist. 

Classroom Speaker Series 

Classroom Speaker Series - Area business and post-secondary education representatives may visit Academy classes to present information on various career fields and provide information on the employment outlook for those careers to help students make career decisions and to better understand the  “next steps” towards attaining their career goals. 

Career Shadow Programs and Industry Tours

Career Shadow Programs, Externships and Industry Tours - Opportunities to participate in these events may be offered throughout the year by collaborating business, industry and government organizations.  Students may spend all or part of their school day or even a longer period of time (for externships) with a business representative(s) to gain insight and an inside look and overview of a company, career field, organization, or government entity. 

Interested students should complete an “I Want to Job Shadow” interest form early in the school year and prepare a resume to submit to the Career Experience Specialist in order to be considered for Job Shadow experiences that are offered. (Note: Students must be signed into their account to access the form.) 

Industry Tours are typically offered on a first come first served basis to small groups of students in specific career-related classes.   

Internships and Youth Registered Apprenticeships

Internships and Youth Registered Apprenticeships - Internships may be offered by organizations in the DC Metro area community.  The purpose of the internship program is to offer qualified students the opportunity to apply and build upon Academy course skills and knowledge in a live workplace setting. Students build a greater resume of experiences and gain additional knowledge to better prepare them for their future careers.  Internships may be paid or unpaid.

See Student Internships for current and upcoming internship opportunities.

Youth Registered Apprenticeships are similar in nature to an internship but the hours that students work and the time they spend in class are recorded and submitted to the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry Apprenticeships Office to grant them credit toward their apprenticeship training to earn a Journeyman's license.   

General Considerations to Participate in Internships and Youth Registered Apprenticeships

  • Maintain good academic standing in your school classes; a grade of B or better is the recommended average for the Academy class.
  • Maintain a good professional business attitude in the classroom, with teachers, students, and all adults.
  • Demonstrate excellent school attendance; a 95% attendance rate is recommended.
  • Maintain good behavior, with no disciplinary actions taken against you.
  • Be recommended by your Academy instructor and school counselor.
  • Provide your own transportation to and from the internship site.

Preparing for Work Opportunities- Resume Writing/Critiquing & Interview Preparation

Resume Writing/Critiquing & Interview Preparation - Students may participate in a resume lesson in their classes or one-on-one with the Academy Career Experience Specialist or an Academy Support Team member in order to develop a generic resume which they may customize throughout the school year as they attain new skills and experiences.

Workshops focused on refining the resume and developing other Workplace Readiness Skills may be offered throughout the year.

Volunteers from business and industry may provide coaching for improvement of interview skills and resume critique in Mock Interview workshops. 

Resources are also available through Schoology in the Edison HS Academy class for students to access for self-directed resume creation and interview preparation. 

Individual Career Counseling

Individual Career Counseling - Students may request assistance in determining career direction through career counseling sessions with the academy career experience specialist which may include taking career assessments of interests and work values, examining skills and aptitudes, and identifying the outlook for specific careers/career opportunities. 

Students may also participate in workshops, class activities and special events to learn and enhance job search, resume preparation, interview, and business etiquette skills.  

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